Welcome to The Mossy Maple!

To start, I should clarify that I created this blog for myself. I’ve spent a lot of my life fearing the judgement of my peers because of my interest in magick, divination, and witchcraft, but as years of study go by and my interest only grows, I feel like I am hiding a huge part of my spirit and also inhibiting conversation that may spark inspiration in others. The Mossy Maple is a representation of my work, progress and passion. It is a way for me to help free myself from anxiety and to build a community based on the things that fuel me most in life. Thank you for your interest in what I do. I hope you enjoy!


Kaitlyn is a Musician, Visual Artist, Natural Builder, Traveler, Intuitive Reader, Solitary Witch and aspiring Naturopath from Newfoundland, Canada. They currently reside in the forests of the Southern Oregon Coast, making medicine and sculpting sacred spaces out of clay.